A Cretex Medical company

A Cretex Medical company

Market Expertise

Spectralytics has built a worldwide reputation for providing quality components, sub-assemblies and implants using laser technology for the demanding medical device industry. From prototype, pre-production and production volumes, Spectralytics systems are designed to help you bring your medical products to market on time and within budget. This high level of service and support is a Spectralytics hallmark, as it is for all Cretex Medical Companies

We manufacture and laser machine components and assemblies for a wide range of devices in many different markets. These include but are certainly not limited to the following.

Markets and Products

  • Cardiac/vascular/interventional
    • Leads
    • Coronary stents and scaffolds
    • Peripheral stents
    • Ablation catheters
    • Mapping catheters
    • Peripheral delivery catheters
    • Atherectomy catheters
  • Neuro
    • Access products
    • Clot removal components
    • Implants
  • Drug delivery
    • Catheters and components
  • Orthopedic
    • Flex drills and reamers
    • Anchors